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Christopher Moeller

The Original Magic Art Store is honored to host several products illustrated by artist Christopher Moeller. We are launching with several of his Prints and will be adding even more in the future.

Christopher Moeller debuted as both a writer and an artist in 1991 with Innovation's Rocketman: King of the Rocketmen. That was followed in the next two decades by five more painted graphic novels: the Iron Empires trilogy with  Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics, JLA: A League of One and JLA: Cold Steel from DC Comics. 

At the same time, Moeller began working for Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering card game, producing over 200 illustrations, including some of the game’s most powerful cards.

Having retired from illustration in 2017, Moeller continues to explore new worlds, dabbling in game design, plein air painting and video blogging.

If you're interested in learning even more about Chris's work, check out his Illustration Website, his Fine Art Website, and follow him on Twitter, Instagramand Facebook.

Bazaar of Baghdad Playmat - Playmat - Original Magic Art - Accessories for Magic the Gathering and other card games
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Lightning Bolt Playmat
Lightning Bolt Playmat $40.00
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Meddling Mage Playmat
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Umezawa's Jitte Playmat
Umezawa's Jitte Playmat $40.00
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