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  • October 09, 2023 4 min read 0 Comments

    A Magic player’s best friend isn’t Mox Diamond or even Lion’s Eye Diamond. It’s all the good boys that you can find throughout the multiverse!

    That’s right, today we're going to look at some of the best doggos in the game!

    Snow Hound Illustrated by Pat Morrissey

    snow hound mtg

    It's quite interesting to discover that Snow Hound was the very first dog creature type card in Magic: The Gathering. This card beautifully portrays a St. Bernard-like dog attentively watching its owner, perhaps as they search for food. The flavor text, which suggests not eating your dog even in dire circumstances, reflects the strong bond that often exists between humans and their loyal canine companions. It's a reminder of the special place dogs hold in our hearts, as we would go to great lengths to protect and care for them.

    Ghost Hounds Illustrated by Jeff A. Menges

    ghost hounds art

    Ghost Hounds are the first type of hound creature. The name "hounds" was later changed to "dogs". This vicious pack of dogs looks like they could be very helpful to their corporeal master on whatever hunts they may be on. Ghost Hounds are said to be very loyal to their masters and will do anything to protect them. They are also said to be very good at tracking and hunting, making them ideal companions for any corporeal master who is looking for a loyal and helpful companion.

    Isamaru, Hound of Konda Illustrated by Christopher Moeller

    isamaru art

    (If you're interested in prints of any these, the OMA Store has you covered! Just click the card name to view it in the store).

    The classic pupper that has been around for years and years now is Isamaru, Hound of Konda. This art has a special place in my heart, he was my first Commander back when it was still Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH). It is cannon that Isamaru is an Akita. While he was Konda’s dog, he was also very loyal and close to Michiko. When O-Kagachi approached Eiganjo, General Takeno released Isamaru from the gates of the castle to give the dog a chance to survive. Isamaru ran to Eiganjo's evacuated population and helped them fight the akki horde that assailed the Towabara plains.

    Rambunctious Mutt Illustrated by Campbell White

    rambunctious mutt

    Looking for a pupper that just wants to have a good time? This silly little guy is just making a mess of every artifact that he sees. But look WHY be bone shaped if not bone? I love this artwork! Campbell did such a good job at capturing the chaos that ensues when he shows up. There’s potions that have been spilled in the background, fairies let loose from their cage, and plates broken.

    Selfless Savior Illustrated by Ralph Horsley

    selfless savior mtg art

    Honestly I am not okay with this flavor text: “She raised him from an orphaned pup and gave him a life of love. With his last act, he thanked her.” I know that dogs are meant to be protective of their masters, but I don’t like it when the dog dies. It pulls the heartstrings even more when the dog chose to sacrifice themselves to protect their best friend. If you look closely at the art, you can see that the dog has a medallion on their armor with a little smiley face. I bet he was one of the happiest dogs on the plane and was well taken care of.

    Trusty Retriever Illustrated by Ralph Horsley

    trusty retriever

    This helper doesn’t really worry about what’s going on, on the battlefield. They’re blissfully unconcerned with the chaos and combat happening around them. Instead, their primary focus is on enjoying some lighthearted games of fetch. What’s a bit of slobber on your sword? It’s better to have a sword retrieved, than to have no sword at all. “Wipe away the slobber and it’s as good as new, give or take a few bite marks.” I can’t quite make out what is on their medallion, but I must say that their armor is quite… fetching.

    Yoshimaru, Ever Faithful Illustrated by Ilse Gort

    yoshimaru ever faithful mtg art

    For centuries, the Imperials in Kamigawa have kept dogs in the palace grounds for both security and companionship. The Wanderer is no exception. When she began her training, her mentor Light-Paws gave her a puppy and instructed her to raise it herself. This was to teach her that caring for this dog now would prepare her to care for the entire kingdom in the future. The young Emperor embraced these words wholeheartedly, and under her guidance, Yoshimaru, the puppy, evolved into the most intelligent and devoted canine the royal court had ever witnessed!

    Day after day he sat there, knowing that the Wanderer would soon be back for him.” However, the day the emperor mysteriously disappeared, Yoshimaru was left heartbroken. Despite diligent searching throughout the palace, her whereabouts remained unknown. Consequently, he journeyed to the special place they cherished together. Even today, Yoshimaru stands guard over her throne, unwavering in his anticipation of her return. We’re still waiting for her to return to Kamigawa.

    There are plenty of other good dogs in the world of Magic: the Gathering! Which dog is your favorite companion? I’ve only scratched the surface with these good puppers.