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  • May 16, 2019 10 min read 0 Comments

    War of the Spark is now on store shelves, and it brings with it not just a bevy of powerful new planeswalkers, but 11 new-art reprints as well. In the current golden age of Magic art, for which the quality bar is so uniformly high, choosing which version of any given card to put in your deck has become more about personal taste than ever, and these War of the Spark reprints bring exciting new options to the table.

    Many of these cards are getting their first-ever reprinting with brand new art, whereas Giant Growth is now on its ninth iteration, making it one of the most re-illustrated cards in the game.

    The eternal struggle continues... it’s the Reprint Rumble: War of the Spark!

    Classic Genius vs. New Hotness, which battling faction will emerge victorious in this grand contest? The battle has been joined, and now the endgame commences!


























    At the end of the Rumble, the OMA score stands at 6-5 in favor of New Hotness, which is as close to a tie as the tyranny of odd numbers will permit. But the final story won’t be told until you’ve cast your vote, and, with art like this to choose from, you can’t go wrong either way.

    And, in the end, that’s the essential beauty of new-art reprints -- they give Magic players and art fans more choices to express their personal love of the game through the cards that they choose to play. Every piece of art should be celebrated and appreciated, and every painting is somebody’s favorite. And that’s a great thing.

    Each set provides a new chance to tell a story and capture the imagination of the players. Thanks go out to everyone involved in this creative process and I look forward to seeing the contestants for the next Reprint Rumble.

    Until next time!

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