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  • September 01, 2023 5 min read 0 Comments

    We’re used to traditional artwork for the cards in Magic: the Gathering. But with Secret Lairs and the showcase styles, the exploration into different styles has begun!

    Enter the plane of Eldraine, a realm where medieval tales and whimsical folklore intertwine. Here, the age-old art of papercraft meets the realm of collectible cards, bringing forth a set of basic lands that aren't just cards—they're meticulously crafted portals to a world of imagination. Hari and Deepti have brought the fusion of papercraft and Magic: The Gathering unveils a captivating chapter that invites players and enthusiasts alike to step into the heart of a fairy tale, where cards become windows to a world of spellbinding artistry. Join me on this journey as we explore the magic, creativity, and storytelling behind MTG's papercraft-style lands from Eldraine.


    eldraine plains

    Papercraft art has long been revered for its ability to transform simple sheets of paper into intricate and three-dimensional wonders. At its core, papercraft is a meticulous art form that involves the careful cutting, folding, and layering of paper to create stunning sculptures, scenes, and designs. What sets papercraft apart is its remarkable capacity to craft depth and dimension from the seemingly ordinary.

    This basic Plains is a looming castle far off in the distance with layers and layers of intimidating brambles and forest blocking the path forward. Each element becomes a layer, intricately cut and positioned to bring a two-dimensional card to life. The trees, once simple silhouettes, are now reaching high above our field of view exuding a malicious feeling. The eye path curves, inviting the eye to wander deeper into the scene to reach the castle nestled in the background. By layering paper elements with careful consideration, the once static scene gains movement, luring players into a world that feels tangible and immersive. The strategic placement of layers replicates the experience of gazing through a window into the plane of Eldraine itself, fostering a connection that reaches beyond gameplay and into the realm of artistic appreciation.

    The beauty of papercraft lies not just in its technical complexity, but in its inherent ability to transcend dimensions. As players hold these papercraft lands in their hands, they're not just holding cards; they're holding pieces of an art form that draws them into the enchantment of Eldraine. The layers evoke a sense of curiosity, urging players to explore each element and uncover the story hidden within the depths of the design. Through the marriage of papercraft and Magic, players experience more than a game; they experience the embodiment of creativity, where a world of fantasy and craftsmanship converge to create a truly immersive and visually captivating experience.


    eldraine island

    The intricate papercraft-style artwork adorning Magic's lands from Eldraine introduces a visual illusion that captivates players and enriches their gameplay experience. Though the lands themselves remain flat, the masterful design choices mimic the depth and texture associated with papercraft, providing an artistic spectacle that enhances aesthetics and encourages player engagement.

    Moreover, the deliberate placement of shadows within the papercraft-style artwork evokes a sense of depth, making the scenery appear to recede into the distance. This clever play with light and shadow guides players' eyes across the card, encouraging them to explore the different layers and details that contribute to the overall illusion. This visual trickery adds a layer of enchantment to the game, drawing players into a world where creativity knows no bounds and where a simple card can carry them to the heart of a fantastical fairy tale.


    eldraine swamp

    Eldraine, a realm steeped in the enchanting tapestries of fairy tales and medieval folklore, serves as the backdrop for Magic: The Gathering's papercraft-style lands. This thematic choice isn't just an artistic whim—it's a deliberate decision that infuses the cards with an unmistakable aura of whimsy, magic, and timeless charm.

    The papercraft lands carry the torch of this theme, their artistry serving as windows into the very essence of the plane. The layers of intricately cut paper form a visual symphony that echoes the craftsmanship of illuminated manuscripts, reflecting the medieval charm of Eldraine itself.

    Magic, in its essence, is about more than just gameplay—it's about storytelling. The papercraft lands embody this storytelling ethos by capturing the whimsy and magic that define Eldraine. Through their artistry, players can almost hear the echoes of minstrels singing tales of gallant knights, cunning witches, and daring quests. It's as if the lands themselves have absorbed the enchanting stories of the plane, manifesting those narratives in visual form.


    eldraine mountain

    The careful layering of papercraft elements resembles the craftsmanship that might go into crafting a pop-up book—an age-old tradition that adds an extra layer of charm to the plane's theme. This fusion of papercraft and fairy tale brings forth a sense of authenticity and intimacy that draws players into the very heart of Eldraine's tales. Papercraft and shadow storytelling are time-honored artistic techniques that have been ingeniously employed to weave captivating fairy tales, transporting audiences into enchanting worlds where imagination reigns supreme. These artistic approaches, though distinct, share a common thread in their ability to evoke wonder, mystery, and a sense of connection to the tales being told.

    Papercraft, with its intricate layering and attention to detail, has a natural affinity for bringing fairy tales to life. Just as the layers of a papercraft scene create depth and dimension, they also mimic the layers of narrative within a fairy tale. Imagine a papercraft diorama depicting a forest scene from a classic tale. With each layer meticulously cut and positioned, the viewer is drawn into a multi-dimensional realm that mirrors the layers of meaning and symbolism embedded in the story. Just as a fairy tale holds hidden depths waiting to be explored, papercraft entices viewers to peel back the layers, discovering new details and narratives within the scene.


    eldraine forest

    As the curtain draws on this exploration of Hari and Deepti's papercraft-inspired lands from Eldraine, it's clear that these cards are more than just collectibles—they're conduits to a realm where creativity knows no bounds. The whimsy, magic, and medieval charm of Eldraine are meticulously woven into every layer and shadow, captivating players with their illusion of depth and dimension. As you cast your gaze upon these spellbinding cards, it's easy to understand why they've earned a spot at the pinnacle of your list of full art basic lands. The fusion of papercraft aesthetics and shadow storytelling offers a glimpse into the alchemy of art and imagination.

    I cannot wait to get my hands on these so that I can do a 3D altered set of them. That is going to really showcase this amazing art style! With every card, you're not just holding a piece of cardboard; you're holding an invitation to step into a world where fairy tales come to life and where the magic of storytelling resonates in every layer, every shadow, and every cherished moment of gameplay.