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Monkey Monkey Monkey Underdrawing

Offered exclusively through the OMA Store, we present the original underdrawing for Monkey Monkey Monkey illustrated by Liz Danforth for the Unhinged expansion of Magic: the Gathering.

This sketch is offered directly from the artist in coordination with OMA.

Additional Details for this piece:

  • Measurements: 14" x 17"
  • Medium: Graphite Pencil
  • Material: Paper

Artist Notes: "The back has a red chalk that was what I was transferring with the ink tracing. I have wiped it very clean but NOT sprayfixed it, because I saw there is another pencil sketch underneath. I can't make out much of anything except a claw -- but based on the other sketches in the sketchbook near it, I suspect that was a dragon of some kind."

Each original purchased through the OMA Store comes with a Certificate of Authenticity along with a History of Ownership to ensure accurate provenance.

If you have any additional questions or have an original you are interested in listing in the store, contact OMA.

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