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  • Johannes Voss Playmat Collection

    Johannes Voss is a veteran Magic: the Gathering artist, that got his start in Scars of Mirrodin and has since illustrated 131 cards for the game.  Here are all of the cards he's illustrated.

    After pioneering crowdfunded Tokens and Prints, Johannes has teamed up with the OMA Store to offer officially licensed playmats of some of his most famous and popular Magic artwork.

    Each Playmat features Extended Artwork, Minimal Logos, a Unique Signature Stamp, and is offered exclusively through Kickstarter.


    Here are the Playmats that are currently available for the project.















    In addition to the 7 designs available now, additional Playmats will be unlocked with Stretch Goals.

    Each new Playmat unlocked will be voted on by the backers, selected from some of Johannes's most popular art not already included in the project. 

    Blood Artist, Thalia, Sphere of Safety, Sanctum Prelate (from his new Secret Lair), and more will be available for voting when new mats are unlocked.

    If we blow past those, and we certainly hope we will, Backers will be able to vote for even more designs.

    We are so proud to be working with Johannes and hope that you will check out and support the project.