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Peter Mohrbacher

The Original Magic Art Store is honored to host products illustrated by artist Peter Mohrbacher. We are launching with one of his Playmats and will be adding even more in the future.

Based out of Chicago, Peter works exclusively on an independent art brand called Angelarium. The surreal Angels he's designed have been a hallmark of his work for more than a decade.

Brought on to Magic: The Gathering in 2011, Peter has helped to design planes like Ravnica and Theros while also helping to create iconic Planeswalkers like Tibalt. He illustrated more than 50 cards and appeared on the booster pack art in the many of the the sets he helped illustrate.

For the past 3 years, Peter has also been the co-host of a weekly web show called One Fantastic Week, which is dedicated to helping artists achieve their goals of independence. With over 170 episodes available for free, it's become a reservoir of knowledge for many artists looking to build their own creative identity and spawned a yearly workshop where their community gathers to share their experience.

Island (Magic 2012) Print - Print - Original Magic Art - Accessories for Magic the Gathering and other card games
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