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Liz Danforth

The Original Magic Art Store is honored to host several products illustrated by artist Liz Danforth. We are launching with a few of her original paintings, sketches, and color studies and will be adding even more in the future.

Liz Danforth is best known for her art and illustrations, primarily created for the games industry. She also writes fiction and game material, edits the work of others, and worked as the lead illustrator and co-creator for the Deluxe Edition of the second-oldest role-playing game, Tunnels & Trolls.

Since 1978, Liz has worked steadily as an artist, writer, editor, and/or game developer on role-playing games, card games, and board games. She has also been a writer and scenario designer for computer and video games, including Wasteland and Star Trek projects.

Her artwork illustrates both mainstream and fantasy novels and anthologies, and she was inducted into the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design's Hall of Fame (1995). She has created art for Magic: the Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, Iron Crown's Middle Earth, and many other card games.

If you're interested in learning even more about Liz's work, check out her Patreon, her Blog, and her Twitter.

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